• The Mortgage Process: Preparing For Closing

  • Be Prepared To Close On Your Home Loan

    SignatureWell, you almost made it. You have been on quite the ride on the mortgage roller coaster,  from bank statements to paychecks, explaining bank deposits to verification of employment. You are near the end of the mortgage process and are preparing to close on your home loan.

    The closing of your home loan isn’t simply showing up with a pen to sign your name. To ensure the last step goes smoothly, take note of the most important items to keep an eye on as the closing date draws near.

    • Your loan must have “clear to close” status to be scheduled for closing.
    • If this is a purchase loan, your realtor will coordinate with the listing agent, seller, title company and mortgage lender to determine the when and where of the meeting
    • We will provide to you the closing review documents as soon as we recieve them (about 24-48 hours prior to closing). Make sure to look over these before your closing and ask questions ahead of time.
    • You will need to bring a cashiers check made payable to you for the amount due at closing.
    • Lastly, don’t forget your photo ID and your spouse!

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