• Purchasing A Home: Why You Should Use A Realtor

  • Using A Professional Realtor In Today’s Housing Market Is Essential

    Why you absolutely should use a realtor when buying a home in Michigan

    Buying or selling a home in today’s housing market is a difficult process all by itself. Choosing a Realtor with the ability to negotiate and understanding how important timing can be has never been more important.

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    Here are some great reasons why you should use a Realtor when buying or selling a home.

    Buying a home:

    • Realtors have local area knowledge to find the right home in the right area.
    • Negotiations will be needed and they can help you through them and come out ahead.
    • You could possibly find a home before it hits the market.
    • Most importantly, the Realtor’s compensations are paid by the seller.

    Selling a home:

    • Realtors will help establish the correct start price for your home.
    • They have unique strategies to market your home to make it accessible to the most buyers possible.
    • Realtors have a strong network of other Realtors and a circle of influence to help your home stand out in the market.
    • Negotiations – Realtors take the lead for you and will help you get the best deal.
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    We are fortunate to work with numerous great agents all over the Metro Detroit area, so call us if we can help find the best Realtor for you.

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