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What Is Your Mortgage Rate? – How To Get Accurate Rate Quotes

January 31, 2013Kirk ChivasNo CommentsGetting A Mortgage


Michigan Mortgage Brokers – What Is Your Mortgage Rate?

The question we get asked all of the time is “What is your rate?” Many people get frustrated when they don’t receive a rate quote on the spot.

We try to make this as quick and transparent as possible but take a look at this lender rate sheet and you will see we need to ask a few questions to determine your rate.

Key Information Needed For An Accurate Mortgage Rate Quote

Here are the key pieces of information needed to give you all of the details.

  • Current mortgage balance
  • Current mortgage rate
  • Current payment breakdown
    • Principal & Interest
    • Escrow Portion (Taxes & Insurance)
  • Second Mortgage Balance (If Applicable)
  • Property address for us to investigate estimated value
  • Last 4 digits of primary borrower’s Social Security Number – to determine HARP eligibility

Many times people simply email us a copy of a recent mortgage statement detailing the above information.

Know All Your Mortgage Loan Options

Our goal in this process is to give you multiple loan options for review with accurate closing costs in a simple and clear format.  We feel if you have the information and YOU are asking the questions the conversation is much more productive

If you would like to get started on getting a free personalized mortgage rate quote, fill out our quick online form, or give us a call at (248) 912-1000 with the above information handy.

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