• Save Money on Your House Payment by Refinancing Through a Mortgage Broker

  • Our main goal at First Commerce Financial is to help you save money on your Mortgage!

    Ignore all the myths about refinancing, calculate your potential monthly savings and compare the costs to see if refinancing can save you money!Refinance applications are still 75% of all Mortgage applications taken right now and we expect this to be the case through the rest of the year.  This is especially true in Michigan where rising home values are allowing more homeowners to lower their monthly payments by refinancing.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to save money even if you have refinanced in the last 3 years.

    Low Mortgage Rates – How to Know When to Refinance

    OK – We realize most of you are sick of hearing the low mortgage rate TV commercials and radio ads, but there are still millions of folks who have a mortgage rate higher than 5%.  How the heck can that be the case with all of the press and ads?

    Check out our current mortgage rates and monthly payment calculators.

    It all boils down to simply understanding how the savings is calculated and how it fits into your budget.  Those that have a higher mortgage rate typically struggle with the following objections:

    • If I am not dropping my rate by at least 1%, then it does not make sense to refinance.
    • If I don’t breakeven on the closing costs within 1 year, then it does not make sense to refinance.
    • I want a shorter term loan but only if my payment stays the same as my current loan.
    • I don’t want my mortgage loan balance to increase

    See Your Mortgage Refinance Savings For Yourself – Numbers Do not Lie!

    Most folks feel like they should not refinance because they have not found someone who can help them understand how to save money.  That’s what we are here for!  We have been helping folks in Michigan for 16 years now.

    We know that you will feel better about the process if you understand how your savings are calculated, how much all of the closing costs are, and what will the “cash to close” needed be when you sign the paperwork.

    Please give us a call or stop in the office to say “hi”.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see mortgage rates at these levels.  Take advantage of it by filling out the “Select Your Rate” form on the right!

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