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Why do Loan Officers NOT return your phone calls?

Loan Officer not returning your calls?As the home buying season ramps back up, are you having trouble contacting your loan officer?

Now that we are officially in a purchase market (meaning more mortgage applications are for purchases than refinances) here in Michigan, one would think that picking up your phone every time or returning a phone call ASAP is at the top of the list for a loan Officer.  They are paid on commission or with a bonus structure, right?

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Michigan Mortgage Brokers: Your Better Alternative to Big Banks & Lenders

Whether you are a first time homebuyer, moving into a new home, or looking to refinance your existing home, we at First commerce Financial, LLC are here to assist you every step of the way. Working with a licensed Michigan Mortgage Broker with expert local knowledge ensures that you are getting the best mortgage rates in Michigan available with the right loan program that best fits your home loan needs.

Our mission is to provide you with sound mortgage advice and educate you on all the options available to make better mortgage financing decisions. We will take the time to hear out your specific financial situation and work with you to accomplish your financial goals.

Current Mortgage Rates in Michigan are at historic lows which means you must look into refinancing your home. There are numerous loan programs out there to help borrowers take advantage of low mortgage rates, even if you are underwater on your current home. It only takes a few minutes to see if you would qualify for a conventional, HARP 2.0, or FHA Streamline Refinance and get an idea of just how much money could be saved.

If you are a looking to buy your first home or move from your existing home, we can assist you in making educated decisions on your mortgage needs. Pre-Approval letters can be provided to you quick and easy using current low mortgage rates to determine just how much you home you can afford in Michigan.

We have a large network of Real Estate Agents and other industry professionals that can assist you in buying the perfect home. Our Realtor partners have great local knowledge and, like us, have many years of experience working in Michigan.

Call us any time to discuss your situation and the options you have available to you, or get a free personalized rate quote online to get started!

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